About QLD

QLD stands for “Quantum Level Diversity”. Our company policy from day one has been to do business with our customers in the way our customers want us to do business with them, not force our customers to do business with us the way we dictate. We adjust our administration, reporting, invoicing and communications to meet the wants and needs of our customers. This is our value proposition.

The company was founded by two managers from Motorola Canada who felt that they could offer better customer service if they could operate outside the stringent rules of engagement which large corporations must enoforce. Large organizations cannot possibly react as quickly to changing customer needs. This is a reality that large corporations struggle with daily.

This was the driving force behind the creation of QLD Communications.

The two founding partners, who still operate the business, have between them over 40 years experience in the wireless communications industry. They both began their careers in this industry with Motorola Canada which is world renown for its quality products, service, and most importantly its dedication to employee training.

Starting operations in 2001 with the two founding partners the only employees, QLD has now grown to seven staff and two locations in Greater Toronto. We intend to continue our growth into the future, ensuring at all times that we never lose sight of the reason our company was formed. This will remain our core belief.